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I am a Midwesterner at heart, living in Washington D.C. I am also a graduate student at GW's School of Media and Public Affairs, interested in political communication, social media, and baseball.

Social Media All-Stars

This blog began as an assignment for my social media class in graduate school. As promised, here is my final project: more about the Cardinals, and what we can learn about social media from the team. As an organization, the … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons to Visit the Loop

Where do young people hang out in St. Louis? One popular place to go is the Delmar Loop, or simply “The Loop.” The Loop is a six-block area on Delmar Boulevard filled with restaurants, boutiques, nightlife, entertainment, and culture. The … Continue reading

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Majestic Tradition

In honor of the Cardinals’ Opening Day in St. Louis last week, I am going to dedicate this post to one of the more majestic parts of St. Louis tradition. You might know them from the Budweiser Super Bowl commercials: … Continue reading

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The City Museum

I just turned in my Master’s capstone project this week. Finals are coming up, and I’m in the middle of a job search. Many of my friends are going through the same processes. With all of this going on, do … Continue reading

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Animals Always

I just read an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch yesterday about how the Saint Louis Zoo has two baby lion lion cubs, named Mtai and Serafina, that were born this past Valentine’s Day. As you can imagine, they are … Continue reading

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Baseball Heaven

Finally, the post I’ve been waiting for. Everyone who knows me well knows that I’m a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan–a bigger fan than almost anyone I know. (I’m sitting here writing this post in my Cardinals pajamas in my … Continue reading

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Frozen Tradition

Somehow it’s almost 70 degrees today in Washington–in early March. In the spirit of the warm weather and with Spring Break just around the corner, I decided to dedicate this blog post to frozen yogurt–one of my favorite desserts. “Fro-yo” … Continue reading

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